The Kidney Crossword

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1The kidney is commonly described as shaped like a _______.
2A medical doctor specialising in kidney care is called a __________.
3This is a commonly used medical term that relates to the kidneys.
4This side of the kidney is a little higher than the other
5One of the simplest tests to detect early kidney disease: ______ Test
6These tiny filtering units are present in the kidney
7The kidney removes _______ and excess water from our body.
1__________ is a surgical operation that places a healthy kidney in the patient’s body.
2A natural mineral (Hint: Na)
3One of the kidney replacement treatments for end stage kidney failure patients.
4Regular exercise and a ______ diet help to increase overall wellness, and is also one of the ways to keep kidney diseases at bay.
5“I work hand in hand with the kidney! My main function is to store urine.” (Hint: An organ)
6________ D is converted to an active form in the kidneys that is necessary to keep your bones healthy and strong.

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