February 1996
KDF was established
KDF-Alexandra Centre opened its doors to patients
February 1997
Renal Friends, a patient support group was formed
March 1997
KDF website was launched
August 1997
KDF jointly organised the State-Of-The-Art Nephrology Conference
September 1997
Basic Renal Nursing Education was introduced
November 1997
KDF opened its second dialysis centre at Bishan
February 1998
KDF's first Public Forum
March 1998
KDF's first Education Seminar for patients and families
November 1998
The Visiting Professorship Programme was implemented
December 1998
Erythropoietin (EPO) Injection Subsidy Programme was introduced
August 1999
Singapore Nursing Board accredited Alexandra and Bishan Centres as clinical area for nursing students
August 2000
Opening of job centre
January 2003
Bishan Centre added five more dialysis stations
October 2004
KDF inaugurated two new dialysis centres, Kreta Ayer Centre and Peritoneal Dialysis Centre
February 2005
KDF commissioned the production of the programme "New Lease of Life" 
June 2005
The closing of Alexandra Centre
November 2005
The launch of "Share A Life" programme to educate the benefits of live donor transplants
February 2006
KDF 10th Anniversary
Initiated a new integrated system for the foundation's technological infrastructure
July 2007
New haemodialysis centre opens at Ghim Moh
November 2007
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the National University of Singapore
January 2008
Diabetes Gene Therapy Research Project kicked off
June 2009
The Reverse Osmosis System supporting the dialysis centre in Bishan was upgraded to a system with heat and chemical treatment capability 
July 2009
Initiated the Portable Subsidy Programme
October 2009
The dialysis machines at Bishan Centre were gradually upgraded and replaced with newer and more efficient dialysis machines that deliver the highest level of quality and safety
January 2010
Introduced financial assistance for Lanthanum Carbonate Medication bills
February 2011
KDF's 15th Anniversary
July 2011
The Gift Agreement for a pledge of $350,000 with NUS was extended for another 5 years for the KDF-NUS Research Fund
August 2011
KDF's First Open House at the Bishan Centre
September 2011
Introduced financial subsidy for Protein Supplement Programme
November 2011
KDF's 15th Anniversary Charity Dinner
September 2012
Refurbishment of San Wang Wu Ti Centre
May 2013
Revamp of KDF Website
February 2014
KDF organised the Millennium Ride 2014
February 2016
KDF's 20th Anniversary

About Us

The Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) is a non-profit charitable organisation, established in February 1996.

KDF provides subsidised dialysis treatment to needy members of our community so that these patients will not be deprived of treatment.

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